Our products can best easily be broken down into two categories: wood related and finishing related. Most of our material for flooring comes from a mill located in Northern Wisconsin. As for our re-claimed wooden material, almost 90% is sourced out right here in Milwaukee.

For the sanding and finishing of our floors, we are proud to use BonaKemi. Bona, based in Sweden, just celebrated its 90th anniversary in 2009 and has been a leader in water-based finishes for nearly two decades. Bona allows us to perform the various tasks associated with wooden floor sanding and re-finishing while maintaining a high level of consistency and quality.

Experience in selecting proper products for finishing hardwood floors

How do I know that water-based finishes are the best route to go? Easy choice indeed. With ten years of real time service in the wooden flooring profession, we have had the ability to review floors sanded many years ago with our Bona line of water-based polyurethanes. The verdict: zero floors have experienced defects or flaws from the use of water-based finishes.